Original Pilot

Starcade was envisioned quite differently from the way you see it today -- a series of team competitions with the winner from each team competing against each other for the Grand Prize!
More About the Original Pilot
  • Jorge Hicks
    Original Starcade Pilot
    taped: 8/30/1981
Jorge was 13 years old in '81 when he was one of the 24 contestants on the original STARCADE! Pilot. Jorge was on the Blue Team, playing Centipede, which was at the time a brand new Atari game. His score after 30 seconds of play was 8,645, ranking #4 of the 8 players. The high score was 11,575 scored by Randy Nomura.

Jorge won a party for 10 at his local Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre. We hosted Jorge, along with all 24 contestants, with accommodations in San Francisco at one of the city's best hotels, sightseeing trips and the transportation costs to get to the city.

In 2005 Jorge checked in by signing in as a Starcade! member. He didn't tell us what he's doing today. When he does, we'll update this page.

Great to hear from Jorge, one of the few Starcaders! who was a part of our original vision for the show ... Thank you for helping us make the magic come alive!
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