Original Pilot

Starcade was envisioned quite differently from the way you see it today -- a series of team competitions with the winner from each team competing against each other for the Grand Prize!
More About the Original Pilot
  • Sondra Schonwasser
    Original Starcade Pilot
    taped: 8/30/1981
Sondra was a great contestant but not a great player. She scored only 800 points on Defender, putting her last among 8 players. But this did not affect her enthusiasm for the games or the show.

Sondra tried out at her local Chuck E. Cheese to be one of the 24 contestants on the original STARCADE! Pilot. Sondra was on the Red Team, playing Defender. Sondra won a party for 10 at her local Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre AND as a member of the winning team (Dave Dyche was Overall Winner on Berzerk), she won a Mattel Electronics Dungeons & Dragons Computer Labyrinth Game. During the taping, we hosted Sondra, along with all 24 contestants, with accommodations in San Francisco at one of the city's best hotels, sightseeing trips and the transportation costs to get to the city.

In 2005 Sondra checked in, saying "How exciting to find Starcade and my name attached to it after all these years. Wow !!!"

Today (2005) Sondra tells us, "I have a business called 'The Sandal Tree' in San Rafael, CA, which I started in 1988. My most memorable sale ... Carlos Santana. What a thrill! He said he would wear them when he played his music."

"I love dancing, gardening, reading, travel, cooking and occasionally a chance to model. I am affiliated with the Art Deco Society of Sacramento, the Sacramento Philharmonic League, the Mercedes Club of Sacramento, the Marin County Memorial Auditorium and Showcase Theater ..." Sondra is busy, busy with a leaning toward show biz in one form or another.

Thanks, Sondra, for updating us. You're one of the few Starcaders! who was a part of our original vision for the show ... Thank you for helping us make the magic come alive!
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