On 09/25/2005, we received the following email from Anna - "How weird is this? I googled myself for the first time tonight and was surprised to find myself on Starcade (back in 1983). Well I never made the 'big time' :) But have been enjoying life none the less. I still sing and have been in many musicals as an actor as well. What's up with you guys?"

We were busy and did not respond. So four years later on 01/08/2009 we received the following email from Anna - "Checking in:)  Still in Berkeley CA.   Got a good job in the City... working everyday etc. I am involved with community theatre locally and also Jazz vocalist.  Not that slim girl of yesteryear:)."

Persistence pays off - we finally gave her a page!

Anna was 29 years old when she appeared on STARCADE! She was an avid video game player. In her bio, she wrote: "I was born and raised in Ohio, by a very loving mother and father among 3 brothers. I, being the only girl, was spoiled and had a tendency to be a tom-boy. I am a mother of 2 by marriage ... Since I moved to California 11 years ago I have been working for a savings and loan in Berkeley. Maybe too long - we were robbed twice in the past week."

"My main interest and love, aside from my husband and family, is singing. I have recently been involved in singing on demo-tapes for songwriters. I would like to do more and also become active in singing background vocals and advertising such as jingles for both radio and television. I have written a few songs and I would like to write more. I have performed a little and alhough it's quite nerve-wracking I enjoy the excitement of it ... In addition to video games, I also enjoy horseback riding, swimming fishing, camping and roller skating when I can."

Anna was anything but shy!
ANNA'S OPPONENT: Steve McNeil has checked in. Click here to see his page.

60 secounds

3,800 Anna

1,900 Steve McNeil

50 secounds

1,670 Anna

4,640 Steve McNeil

40 secounds

150 Anna

650 Steve McNeil

all games

5,620 Anna Albanese

7,190 Steve McNeil - Overall Winner!