• Nolan Apostle
    SHOW #21
    taped: 7/14/1983
Nolan during the taping of Starcade.Nolan was in his twenties and already owned his own music production company in 1982 when he appeared on Starcade! Nolan's show was the 5th show we taped in the 139 show series. You can tell by the Starcade! t-shirt he's wearing in the picture to the right. As one of the first Starcaders, Nolan knows the challenges we faced on those first shows.  It took some perseverance both on our part and the contestants to get this show off the ground.Nolan at the Name the Game Board during the taping of Starcade.

Nolan had the winning score on 2 of the games he played but his score on the 3rd, Tac Scan, put him behind so much that he was unable to catch up. Bad luck, but Nolan was a great sport about it.

In his bio, Nolan said he wanted to be on Starcade! "to get a feeling of what it would be like to be on a 'unique' game show." He certainly realized that dream in his Starcade! experience.

Nolan during the taping of Starcade.In 1982 Nolan was a successful entertainment event producer, working with such legends as Concert Promoter Bill Graham. Of his music experience, Nolan said, "I found the most interesting thing about the music industry is the people in it and what they do or are trying to do. There are some of the nicest people and some of the most nasty, unkind, arrogant egotistical people in the world, some of the richest and some of the poorest people...if you can handle all that and keep your sanity, you might be successful." Words to live by in any industry.

Nolan with his opponent Rhonda Yap and Host Mark Richards during the taping of Starcade. In 2003 Nolan checked in to say, "I was one of the first contestants...I'm not surprised that it is 'coming back'.  If I had any ownership value in it, I would of pushed for a comeback a while ago."

Nolan playing Galaga during the taping of Starcade.Yeah, Nolan. We agree ... it's time. We've believed in this show and carried it around with us for over 20 years (this comment was made in 2003 when starcade.tv was first launched) ... just waiting for the right time ... and now it's back ... not only on tv (on G4 in 2003) but on the web, thanks to the magic created by contestants like you.  You helped make Starcade! what it is - a truly magical experience not only for those, like you, who were lucky enough to be a part of it but for those Starcaders! who share the magic through your eyes. Thanks, Nolan, for helping create the magic that makes Starcade timeless!
NOLAN'S OPPONENT: Rhonda Yap has not checked in yet. If you know Rhonda, you might tell him STARCADE! is waiting for her to checkin.

60 secounds

10,400 Nolan

16,000 Rhonda Yap

50 secounds

8,110 Nolan

7,440 Rhonda Yap

40 secounds

4,431 Nolan

3,790 Rhonda Yap

all games played

22,941 Nolan Apostle

27,230 Rhonda Yap-OVERALL WINNER!