This was a Mother-Son team. We didn't advertise for Mother-Son Team, rather we just drafted the Mothers that brought their son/daughter to tryouts. None refused.

In his bio, Arnie said, "My name is Arnie Hill. I live in Coquille, Oregon which is famous for two things the terrible high school football team and utter lack of anything even remotely interesting. I enjoy bowling playing chess, teenage girls, and rock music. I also like reading sci-fi, programming my computer, and watching TV ... I am hoping to go to college to train as a computer design engineer. My favorite TV show next to STARCADE! and M*A*S*H is Dr Who from England...winning a video (game) rated equal with spending a day in George Lucas's prop room."

"...I took my first computer class and found something that is both challenging and interesting. I own a TRS-80 Color Computer and like to program games on it...well I must end this autobiography now ,for lack of anything more to write, being young I have less to say than someone older than me."

In her bio, Brenda said, "I'm on this show for my family -- certainly not my ability." She described herself as "a nut" and her game playing ability as "not bad for old lady" (She was 35 at the time). And why she wanted to be on STARCADE!, "sons need me".

On 8/16/2009 we received an email from Arnie -- "...watched my episode (#101) ... still can't believe I lost ... My mom Brenda Barton passed away earlier this year. She would have loved to have seen this on the web. I'm married and still live in Coquille. Still love video games. I play Team Fortress 2 on my pc quite regular."

Thanks for checking in, Arnie - sorry to hear about your Mom - you two were quite a joy to watch.
ARNIE & BRENDA'S OPPONENTS: Damon & Vicky Claussen have checked in. Click here to check out their page.

50 secounds

12,600 Arnie

12,800 Damon Claussen

50 secounds

650 Brenda

700 Vicky Claussen

40 secounds

12,695 Arnie

21,198 Damon Claussen

all games played

25,945 Arnie Hill & Brenda Barton

34,698 Damon & Vicky Claussen-OVERALL WINNER!