• Nikki & Sarah Beach
    SHOW #125
    taped: 12/16/1983
Sarah was 15 years old when she appeared on STARCADE! She was brought to audition by her Mom Nikki. We cast them as a mother-daughter team. In the short 'bio' we asked them to write, Nikki said "I'm Nikki Beach, Sarah's mother. I'm not 15 anymore. I'm an artist & presently studying photography. My hobbies are Omega Race & lunch." She described her game playing as 'fair' and the reason she wanted to be on STARCADE!: "think it would be exciting & I want to win a video game".

In her bio Sarah said, "I was born in West Virginia and moved to San Francisco about 2 1/2 years ago. I have a weekend job at a toy store ... certain hobbies I like include collecting stamps and coins from different countries. I enjoy any sport, but I like volleyball the most right now." Sarah described her game playing ability in this way: "I'm okay on most games & good on certain games" and the reason she wanted to be on STARCADE!: "to win prizes and it looks like it would be fun."

Sarah checked in on 6/16/2008 - "My Mom and I were on Starcade ... I'm a graphic designer and was teaching a design seminar. I received an email from someone who attended asking me if I had ever been on Starcade. She had also been on the show and had seen my name listed. I must have been about 14 years old when we were on the show. We played video games constantly. My best friend all through school, Sherri Hughston, was a contestant also. I don't know how we even heard about it. Unfortunately I don't remember much but I do remember walking out of the studio on Van Ness Avenue with a clown like amount of makeup on - extra heavy for the cameras. I asked my Mom about it and she said she just remembers freezing when it came time to play ... Thanks for putting the site together."

You are very welcome -- it was our pleasure!
NIKKI & SARAH'S OPPONENTS: Laurie Schlerf & Rich Vincent have not checked in yet.

50 secounds

15,200 Sarah

22,200 Rich Vincent

50 secounds

900 Nikki

350 Laurie Schlerf

40 secounds

950 Sarah

350 Laurie Schlerf

all games played

17,050 Beach

22,900 -Vincent/Schlerf-OVERALL WINNER!