• Pat Blanquies
    SHOW #22
    taped: 3/11/1983
In her short bio, Pat said, "...I live in Silicon Valley with my husband Rene who's an engineer. We have a very gorgeous 3 1/2 year old daughter, Jacquie, who goes to preschool. However, when I'm not Mom, I'm Elliott and she (my daughter) is E.T. ...I'm self-employed as a deposition transcriber and a floral designer...I'm also studying to be an American Sign Language interpreter."

"I'm interested in needlecraft, chocolate truffle-making, cooking and eating, and I play the piano and tole paint...old movies and trivia are two of my passions. I think trivia fascinates me simply because facts fascinates me, and I think movies, old or current, are a direct reflection of our emotional climate and mores, social questions and tastes. Though I must say, my girlfriend and I once made an 8mm movie for a film class that was so bad, it reflected no one's taste!"

She described her game playing ability as "average" citing her high scores on 3 games - Q*Bert 7,000; Centipede 19,000; Tempest 11,000. To the question 'Why do you want to be on STARCADE!, she replied, "It's a fun game! And I'd love to win a home arcade so I can play a million games!..."

In May 2004 Pat checked saying, "Hi ... and whoa, that hair!"
PAT'S OPPONENT: Mary Catanzaro has checked in. Click here to see her page.

50 secounds

3,600 Pat

5,300 Mary Catanzaro

50 secounds

9,410 Pat

10,000 Mary Catanzaro

40 secounds

1,130 Pat

3,100 Mary Catanzaros

all games played

14,140 Pat Blanquies

18,400 Mary Catanzaro-Overall Winner!