Joe was 12 in 1983 when he appeared on Starcade! episode#92. He was a Starcader and heard about the auditions while watching the show. On July 21, Joe got his chance to be Starcade! contestant. He played Sean Doppie on Time Pilot, Guzzler and Tazzmania. Time Pilot was Joe's downfall and he chose it to play. It was the Mystery game and he won a prize for selecting it but Sean Doppie scored 7,500 MORE points than Joe. The two remaining games were low scorers so Joe never had a chance to catch up.

Joe found Starcade! again when, "A friend ... thought it would be fun to look up my name in a Google search. Well, a link to the Starcade page came up. Imagine my surprise when I saw my face on the web page! I think it's just fantastic that there are people out there that have dedicated time and energy keeping the memory of Starcade alive. I remember how much fun I had that day. The guy I was supposed to play got sick so I ended up competing against another young man instead. He ended up beating me pretty good, but he was a really nice kid and we got along great. I was happy for him. It was just a pleasure for me to be in the studio and to be on the show."

In 2004 Joe checked in to tell us, "I attended a couple of colleges, trying to find a career ... started out in Real Estate, and later I took some computer and music classes. Eventually I found something that I really loved doing ... Broadcasting (mainly video production and editing). I received a Television Operators Degree and went on ... to earn my B.A. in Broadcasting and Electronic Communication Arts. I really found that I enjoyed Editing the most ... I have worked the past few years mainly doing freelance work for three different companies ..."

Pretty cool, Joe. Welcome back to showbiz - on the other side of the camera.
JOE BLEA'S OPPONENT: Sean Doppie has checked in. Click here to see his page.

50 secounds

8,400 Joe

15,900 Sean Doppie

50 secounds

3,540 Joe

5,550 Sean Doppie

40 secounds

1,030 Joe

1,130 Sean Doppie

all games played

12,970 Joe

22,580 Sean Doppie-OVERALL WINNER!