Gary was already a STAR when he appeared on STARCADE!  According to his bio, Gary "played Louis in 'The King and I' with Yul Brynner and Virginia MCKenna at the London Palladium." ... Gary sang a song from 'The King and I' for STARCADE! ... you can see his performance above.

Gary took the first game but his opponent, Jude Hoffner, outscored him on the second and third game ... so he had to settle for consolation prizes....When he appeared on STARCADE!, Gary was 14 and an 8th grader.  He was born in England and had a very British accent.

In his bio, Gary said, "... at 9 1/2 years old ... he walked on stage as Oliver in the play 'Oliver' at the West End of London, the youngest actor ever to take a West End title role."...Then came Yul Brynner, more auditions, commercials and voiceovers. He came to America with his parents and found STARCADE!

Gary was a great contestant ... he made quite an impression on all of us ... and we still remember his kingly song.

Gary checked in December 2002 telling us, "...I still have one of my consolation prizes, a Texas Instruments Calculator. I keep it at my desk and use it daily!"

According to Jude Hoffner, Gary's opponent (Check out Jude's page!), Gary was spotted at a 'Who' Concert in 1989 ... at least that's where Jude saw him last.
GARY'S OPPONENT: Jude Hoffner has checked in. Click here to see hispage.

50 secounds

12,070 Gary

9,372 Jude Hoffner

50 secounds

3,400 Gary

6,400 Jude Hoffner

40 secounds

2,470 Gary

5,250 Jude Hoffner

all games played

17.940 Gary Breeds

21,022 Jude Hoffner-OVERALL WINNER!