• Randy Byrd & Anne Wolski (Mancini)
    SHOW #108
    taped: 12/20/1983
Anne brought her son Randy to Contestant tryouts and they became a Starcade! Contestant Team. Games on their show included Major Havoc, Marvin's Maze, Change Lanes, Elevator Action and Snake Pit. The Grand Prize was a Super Zaxxon arcade game. The Randy/Anne team took an early lead with Randy scoring more than 10,000 points than the competition - the team of Noe Reyes & Marco Torres. Things changed in the second game when the Noe/Marco Team shot ahead with almost 40,000 points more. Randy/Anne had no opportunity to recoup on the low-scoring game of Elevator Action even though Anne did a good job of playing it.

Anne was an Airline Reservation Agent in 1983 and she flew from Atlanta to San Franciso for Tryouts and the show taping. Randy was 13 and an 8th grader. Randy's favorite subject was science and he hoped to be a surgeon. His favorite pastime was "playing video games on his Atari 2600 and dropping quarters at our local arcade."

Randy's favorite game was Dragon's Lair but "I have not been able to slay the dragon yet." He hoped to win a Dragon's Lair game. If he did, he promised that "within a week Princess Daphne will never have to fear the Dragon any longer and she and Dirk can live happily ever after." Sadly for Daphne, Randy did not win a Dragon's Lair and could not make good on his promise.

In August 2006 Anne checked in to tell us that, "Randy and I, as well as our entire family, enjoyed the experience. We are still the topic of much teasing. ... I still work for the same airline. Randy is a security installation specialist and happily married ... with two children - Alexzandra (10) and Riley (7). Alexzandra (Alex) is patiently waiting her chance to break into show business. I guess she missed her chance for national recognition on Starcade!"

Who's to say Alex won't get her chance ... Starcade!, after all, seems to possess some kind of magic that may just dictate that at some time in the near future it will be back with Alex teaming up with her Dad, Randy. It could happen.
RANDY & ANNE'S OPPONENTS: Noe Reyes & Marco Torres have checked in. Click here to see their page.

50 secounds

23,900 Randy

12,300 Noe Reyes

50 secounds

98,658 Randy

136,961 Noe Reyes

40 secounds

600 Anne

900 Marco Torres

all games

123,158 Anne Wolski & Randy Byrd

150,161 Noe Reyes & Marco Torres-Overall Winner!