Allison saw a 'Call for Contestants' on Starcade! and talked her Aunt Lisa Scott in to driving her to San Francisco to tryout. Both became Contestants, but on different shows.

This was a close one - at least on two of the three games. Allison took her opponent on 2 of the games ... but his score on Bag Man (3060 points more) was too much to overcome. He won by a mere 1100 points, not much by gaming standards.

Allison wanted to be on Starcade! because "I like playing video games. I always wanted to be on a game show & I love STARCADE!" ...At 11 1/2 years old Allison's dream was "to be the first woman baseball player in the National League, especially the Dodgers (LA)."

In 2003 Allison checked in saying, "was only 13 when I went on the show, so obviously I have grown up a bit. I went on to High School & college and then got married in 1997. We have a 2 year old daughter, and a dog, and live in the San Fernando Valley. Today I run one of the oldest ticket broker firms in the country."

Allison didn't realize her dream of being the first female baseball player but she did become one of the original Starcaders, and that's magic.
ALLISON'S OPPONENT: Lawrence Lee has not checked in yet.

50 secounds

940 Allison

4,000 Lawrence Lee

50 secounds

8,880 Allison

7,380 Lawrence Lee

40 secounds

3,100 Allison

2,640 Lawrence Lee

all games played

12,920 - Allison Chaney

14,020 Lawrence Lee - OVERALL WINNER!