Darrin was 17, his sister Irene was 9 when they appeared on STARCADE! as contestants. Together they made a formidable team. Darrin described himself as "a Star-Wars freak" and a "comic book" collector. Irene described herself as "I like to play video games. I like stickers." They wanted to play as a team because, as Darrin put it, "me and my sister can combine our talents to win".

We received letters from both of them after the taping telling how much fun they had. Irene said, "Thank you for letting me be on your show. It was lots of fun. You were all so nice and made me feel very special." Thanks, Irene, you took the cute factor to whole new level.

Darrin said, "...it's all we talk about at home right now. All my friends at school are asking me what happened, if I won anything, etc. ... I've always wondered what the 'inner workings' of a TV-Game Show were like, and being on STARCADE provided me with everything I wanted to know. Everybody I talked to were very friendly, courteous, and always asking if we needed help with anything. I was very surprised, as was my parents, at all the positive attention Irene got. Maybe it was her diminutive size, or her Pixie-like look. I'm just glad that she had a great time, just like I did. ... we had fun. It was the greatest time we ever had! ... we'd love to do it again!"

In July 2014 we got an email from Irene that said, "This is Irene Connell (now Irene Fish) checking in from episode #131. Love that I can see the show 30 years later."

Thank you for being so cute back in 1983.

DARRIN & IRENE CONNELL'S OPPONENT: Jordan & Evan Koch have not checked in. If you know either Jordan or Evan, tell them STARCADE is waiting for them to check in.

50 secounds

1,850 Darrin

1,600 Evan Koch

50 secounds

3,160 Darrin

3,650 Jordan Koch

40 secounds

520 Irene

2,120 Jordan Koch

all games

5,530 Darrin & Irene

7,370 Jordan & Evan Koch OVERALL WINNER!