Troy was in his early 20's when he appeared on STARCADE!  At the time, he was the top Gene Simmons (of the Rock Group Kiss) impersonator on the West coast and had been for six years. In May '84 after the taping of his STARCADE! show, Troy sent us several phots of himself and his Kiss group (see photos below). Troy told us that each year he "made new costumes for the group and did all the makeup." Pretty cool, Troy.

He saw STARCADE! on his local TV station and answered our call for Contestants because, as he said, "I think it would be a fun experience and I like to play video games."

One of Troy's ambitions was to start his 'own production company.' And as you will see as you read on, he has done just that.Today (2002), according to Troy, he is "still very much into Kiss. I still on occasion dress as Gene Simmons for Halloween parties and have a blast doing it. I get so much attention with it. Since being on Starcade, I have been lucky enough to meet every member that has ever been in Kiss (at least once - most several times) except guitarist Mark St. John.

"I have become very involved in music and video production. I have been producing a music video show for over six years now called Rock Candy which airs on a few Public Access channels in Northern California. I host and produce the show which features music videos from big name commercial hard rock bands such as Kiss, Poison, Motley Crue, etc.

"I also interview the rock stars on occasion. Between my show and just being lucky, I have met well over 150 different rock stars since being on STARCADE! Most of those I met before starting Rock Candy."

In 2002 Troy told he had recently achieved his goal to open his own production company. "Last year I started my own business, Correia Productions. Right now it is very small, focusing on video duplication, graphic art, and web page design. In the next six months to a year I hope to be doing full video production work for clients. Right now the only video production I am doing is on Rock Candy (his music video show)."

Of his STARCADE! experience, Troy says, "I had a lot of fun and want to say 'Thank You' for the experience and for creating the STARCADE! website. It brought back some fun memories. I still think about the show every time I am in San Francisco and pass by the studio (all the STARCADE! shows were taped in studios in San Francisco). Now to see STARCADE! immortalized online is great."

We agree -- it's great to see STARCADE! immortalized online -- contestants like you made it happen -- thank you!

TROY CORREIA'S OPPONENT: Robert Goldman has checked in. Click here to check out his page.

50 secounds

15,060 Troy

15,780 Robert Goldman

50 secounds

7,790 Troy

9,370 Robert Goldman

40 secounds
M.A.C.H. 3

5,300 Troy

17,600 Robert Goldman

all games

28,150 Troy

42,750 Robert Goldman OVERALL WINNER!