Robert was on one of the first STARCADE! shows. The host at the time was Mark Richards. It was show #6 for us...and became show #19 for airing. Show #19 was taped on March 10, 1983 when Robert was 12 years old.

Robert picked the Secret Game (Buck Rogers) as one he wanted to play and won Parker Bros game cartridges.

After seeing STARCADE! on the air, Robert wrote us a letter, asking to be a contestant: "I just love your show! It's the first game show that is really interesting. ... You have wonderful prizes, great games and an air of excitement. ... I would really love to be on your show. I know you probably have rules about age limits but please consider my offer."

Of course, Robert was the perfect age for the show. We called him and 'the rest is history.'

Robert's STARCADE memory: "I was really sick at the time of the taping. However, I really wanted to be on the show and convinced my parents that I was alright. Although I lost, I had a great time and received a lot of great Atari-compatible games. And even though I'm pushing 30 now, and am busy working (I became an attorney, sigh...), I still enjoy video and computer gaming like I did when I was 12. ... I'm glad to know that ... Starcade! still has a loyal following. Even though I didn't win, it remains one of my fondest memories of childhood."

Robert did not win the competition but his game playing skills and composure under fire earned the admiration of his opponent - Alex Clemens - who thinks 'to this day' that Robert was "so poised and cool that ... he deserved to win..."
ROBERT'S OPPONENT: Alex Clemens - Click here to check out his page.

60 secounds

16,800 Robert

18,000 Alex Clemens

50 secounds

4,274 Robert

5,322 Alex Clemens

40 secounds

3,900 Robert

4,600 Alex Clemens

all games

24,974 Robert Dang

27,922 Alex Clemens OVERALL WINNER!