• Jeff & Jim Datzman
    SHOW #93
    taped: 7/21/1983
On May 20, 1983 Starcade! received a card from 14-year old Jeff Datzman. He wanted to be a contestant on Starcade! About a month later, we invited him to come to tryouts in San Francisco. He did and brought along his Dad and the two of them became a Father/Son Team on Starcade! show#93. Popeye was their downfall ... with their competition beating them on Popeye by over 5,000 points. They were not able to get past this and Jeff and Jim took home some of those 'lovely parting gifts.'

Even so, they made a great team and a great Starcade! show.

In his tryout paperwork, Jeff said, "there's nothing very interesting about me. I'm just a normal teenager.'...Of course, this wasn't true. He was a Starcader, one of the originals, and Starcaders would agree, that is indeed unique.

Jim was the Police Chief of South San Francisco, California, and brought Jeff to the audition. He did not intend to tryout but we prevailed on him to give it a try ... which he did, saying he 'would do it if my son was involved.' Thus they became the Jeff and Jim team on Starcade!

In Oct 2004 Jeff checked in, telling us that "I'm employed as a police officer/detective with the Vacaville Police Department where I've been employed since 1993. ... I'm currently on loan to the Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force, where I predominately investigate identity theft/fraud. I've received a Master's of Science degree from the California State University at Sacramento (CSUS) in Criminal Justice. I have 3 sons, and a wife who is employed as a sergeant with the Solano County Sheriff's Office ... My Dad, Jim Datzman, who was also on the show, is a retired Police Chief and Mayor from South San Francisco."

Starcade remembers you as being a great team who had lots of fun!
JEFF & JIM'S OPPONENTS: Leonard & Mark Fass have checked in. Click here to see their page.

50 secounds

4,080 Jeff

9,769 Leonard & Mark Fass

50 secounds

1,820 Jim

920 Leonard & Mark Fass

40 secounds

2,900 Jeff

3,200 Leonard & Mark Fass

all games

8,800 Jeff & Jim Datzman

13,889 Leonard & Mark Fass OVERALL WINNER!