• Jay & John Finch
    SHOW #35
    taped: 7/18/1983
Over the years we have lost one STARCADE! show ... unfortunately for Jay & John, that would be their show, Show #35. So we don't have any statistics on that show except what's in our paperwork ... and we have no photos or video we can share with you.

We do know that Jay & John came from Dunwoody (Atlanta), Georgia for the Starcade auditions. They did not win the overall competition but, based on the way we awarded prizes, we do think they won the Mystery Game. So while they didn't win the competition, they did take home some STARCADE! prizes.

In his bio, Jay told us, "I have an Atari 400 Home Computer with 48K memory. I entered the Video Masters Contest that my neighborhood arcade had and came in 12th place. A friend came in 1st. Nearly every game I play I play for the enjoyment but I play to win. My favorite games are Arabian, Gyruss, Krull, Congo Bongo and Front Line."

When he was on the show, John was restoring a 1967 Porsche 912. John was on the leading edge of the computer industry, in 1983 he was President of a computer software development and marketing company. As you can see from Jay's current profession, he followed in his Dad's footsteps.

Jay checked in to tell us that today, "I'm a Software Quality Analyst, and I also do web hosting in my spare time. My father (John Finch who also appeared on the show with me) is currently retired and living in Florida with my mother ... Wow ... this is great finding this site. All the memories come flooding back!"

We are truly sorry we cannot share video from Jay & John's show ... but who knows it could turn up ... stranger things have happened.  STARCADE! after all did make it to air ... not only in the '80s but it's back in 2003 ... and that is truly magical.

Thanks Jay & John for sharing the magic with us. Your show was aired as Geoff Edwards first STARCADE! show.
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JAY & JOHN'S GAMES from missing show #35
GRAND PRIZE from missing show #35

Black Widow Video Arcade Game
No One Won It!