• Greg Folsom
    SHOW #118
    taped: 12/11/1983
Greg had just turned 20 when he appeared on STARCADE! He was attending college and worked part time as a "Vertical Transportation Engineer (more commonly known as an elevator operator)." One of Greg's hobbies was making "wooden replicas of games. So far I have made a Donkey Kong game, a Tempest screen, a Pac Man (with ghost), a Ms Pac Man game cabinet and two Q*Bert boards."

Greg was a great player. He rated his game playing ability as "on a scale of 1 to 10 ... I would be a 7." We thought he was much better than a 7 and we chose an opponent who was equally good. This STARCADE! show went back and forth between the two with Greg's opponent (Beaver Lowery) taking the first game and the two in a virtual tie on the second game.

Greg had the opportunity to choose the last game and he chose TX-1, a high scoring game. TX-1 was a one-of-a-kind game on loan to STARCADE! from Atari. The choice won him the Mystery Prize (a K-Tel Record Collection) and gave him the advantage on the last game. He did outscore Beaver on TX-1 but not enough to overcome Beaver's lead on the first game. Greg lost the overall competition ... even so, it was a great show with two truly great players ... one of our favorite shows.

In 2003 Greg checked in to tell us, "I am the IT Director of Arnold Worldwide, one the US top advertising agencies ... I have owned a bunch of different arcade games and pinball machines (over the years) but now have become content with playing the classics on game emulators on the computer ... I lost to Beaver but wound up with the metal detector and the records. Still trying to give them away." Hey, we'll buy them from you, Greg.

"I got selected for the show (he thought) because I built a few game screens using things like wood, metal and molded playdoh ... at least one of my creations was in the show with me." Yes, it was Q*Bert. See a picture of it above. We still have Greg's Q*Bert board (in 2021)... it has a prominent place in STARCADE! Central which is where the K-Tel Record Collection will go if Greg decides to sell it to us.
GREG'S OPPONENT: Beaver Lowery has not checked in.

50 secounds
M.A.C.H. 3

13,100 Greg

20,200 Beaver Lowery

50 secounds

6,005 Greg

5,900 Beaver Lowery

40 secounds

32,620 Greg

28,930 Beaver Lowery

all games played

51,705 Greg Folsom

55,030 Beaver Lowery -Overall Winner!