• Adrienne & Michael Frumovitz
    SHOW #104
    taped: 12/19/1983
Adrienne & Michael were a Mother-Son STARCADE! team. Michael watched the show on KTLA - Los Angeles and talked his Mom into bringing him to San Francisco for Contestant Auditions. It was not his intention to play as a team with his Mom but when we saw them together, the energy between them was truly magical and perfect for the show. They were not our most successful contestants BUT they were great fun ... and were the absolute definition of Starcaders! ... enthusiastic, fun and not only living the magic but helping us create it. They made a memorable show!

Michael was 14 when he appeared on STARCADE! He lived in Southern California with (as Adrienne described it) "easy beach access." Michael's interests included "waterskiing, snowskiing, baseball, lacross, football, basketball and soccer" ... quite a sports fan. He described his game playing ability as "good at some games but bad at others ... so I'm intermediate." Adrienne described hers as "nonexistent", saying "I never played a video game in my life." Adrienne was a 6th grade Teacher, a Gifted-Students Teacher, had a paralegal license and did a little interior decorating.

These were two extraordinary people. It was obvious that being a part of the STARCADE! magic was the reason for them being there ... winning would have been a bonus but either way they were going home happy.

In 2002 Michael checked in to tell us, he was a "Gynecologic Oncologist at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. He has two sons (Alexander 2 years, Jonathan 6 months). My Mother is doing great ... and every once in a while we tell our STARCADE! story ... I like to tell my friends that after my Mother got Ms. Pac Man stuck in a corner (she wasn't exactly slick with the joystick), Geoff Edwards (the Host) asked me if 'I was going to let her drive home.' It wasn't until much later that I understood that joke."

We continue to be amazed by the accomplishments of Starcaders and their commitment and understanding of what we mean when we say, 'relive the magic of Starcade'. You can see in the 2002 picture that Michael sent us that Michael and his Mom haven't missed a step.
ADRIENNE & MICHAEL'S OPPONENTS: Ted Lee & Michael Rak have not checked in.

50 secounds

4,260 Michael

6,790 Ted Lee

50 secounds

1,380 Adrienne

6,060 Michael Rak

40 secounds

1,175 Michael

1,850 Ted Lee

all games played

6,815 Michael & Adrienne Frumovitz

14,700 Ted Lee & Michael Rak-Overall Winner!