Sean was 12 years old when he appeared on Starcade! with his Mom - Louise. They played against the father/son team -- Vic & Kahn Ordonez. After 2 games, they were behind by 1,950 so they did not get the opportuniy to play the Name the Game Board but they were having lots of fun -- you could tell by the big smiles that never left their faces.

Louise had 2 other children Kevin 15 and Kathy 8. Her list of accomplishments included "... sang at various functions since age 5. Taught elementary school for 11 1/2 years -- put husband Kevin through law school. Like politics -- have hosted fundraisers for Mayor Tom Bradley, John Glenn, and Judges from the Orange County area. Love to travel -- have been to Europe, China, Singapore, Thailand, Canada and Mexico. Favorites -- Italy and China." She was a very busy lady.

In October 2021 Sean checked in to say, "I was excited to see the STARCADE archive website. What wonderful memories ... I graduated from university and moved to Japan. Now I am an expat and run an international school here in Nagoya city ... I am also an aspiring screenplay writer (three completed screenplays with nothing produced yet). One of my stories is a love story about a pro gamer and a Youtuber. Do you have any presence on Twitch or other social media platforms? It would be fun to invite some contemporary pro gamers to compete vs. former Starcade contestants on old school arcade games. I will shred those Fortnight punks on Zaxxon or Spy Hunter. Heh!!!"

We like that attitude! You may get a chance to do it soon!
LOUISE & SEAN'S OPPONENT: Vic & Kahn Ordonez have checked in. Click here to see their page.

50 secounds

475 Louise

2,950 Vic

50 secounds

8,500 Sean

8,500 Kahn Ordonez

40 secounds

18,740 Sean

12,610 Kahn Ordonez

all games played

27,715 Louise & Sean Gallagher-OVERALL WINNER!

24,060 Vic & Kahn Ordonez