Andy (Andrew) was 18 and a Freshman in college when he appeared on Starcade! -- he had a great smile!

Andy was a contestant on show #103, a very special show, with only one game, Cliff Hanger. Cliff Hanger was the only playing game and a Cliff Hanger arcade game was the Grand Prize. Former Contestant Marcelo Hassmer played Cliff Hanger (in the background) during the show so viewers could see the end of the game when Marcelo reached the end.

Andy held his own through the first two rounds but was overtaken in the third and final round by 30,000 points.

Andy wanted to be on Starcade! because, "I love video games and the chance to play on tv sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity!" Andy was studying to be a Marine Engineer in college. His hobbies were, "snow and water skiiing."

In November 2006, Andy checked in to tell us, "Soon after Starcade! I was accepted at California Maritime Academy (a merchant seaman school) and spent four years seeing the world and getting a top notch education. While working in the Sacramento area I met my wife Joy. I have two step-daughters and one daughter and recently just became a grandfather twice over."

"I hadn't thought about the game show for what seems like an eternity, but recently my brother-in-law was going to be on Myth Busters and it brought the show to mind ... I really enjoyed being a contestant although it was fate that landed me there.........My friend needed a ride for tryouts ...I gladly took him. Once there I was handed a form while waiting ....filled it out.....was picked and still managed a great day at the Wharf!!!!!!!!! -- Thanks guys for the awesome memories and the chance to play....It was an expierence that I treasure!"

Thank you, Andy, for a great smile and a great sense of humor!
ANDY'S OPPONENT: Mark Walsh has checked in Click here to see his page.

50 secounds

52,500 Andy

52,500 Mark Walsh

50 secounds

50,000 Andy

55,000 Mark Walsh

40 secounds

40,000 Andy

70,000 Mark Walsh

all games played

142,500 Andy Garcia

177,500 Mark Walsh-OVERALL WINNER!