• Hank Hartgraves
    SHOW #117
    taped: 12/14/1983
Hank was a gamer. When he appeared on Starcade!, he owned an Atari 2600 AND 74 games and he also owned a Texas Instruments 99/4a. Back in '83, the beginning of home gaming, this was quite a lot and he should have been a formidable opponent. As luck would have it, the choice of games and nervousness cutting into his game proved his downfall. Even so, we remember Hank as a fun contestant who lived the magic well.

Hank was a tv guy already when he appeared on Starcade! He was working as an Auditor for a large cable company. His hobbies included: electronic repair, video games and computer programming. Hank was definitely on the leading edge of the computer industry.

According to Hank, "I look like Benny Hill" ... that would be the British comedian ... and he was right, he did. Hank didn't win many prizes but he did make a great episode of Starcade! and for that, we thank you, Hank.

In 2004 when he checked in, Hank told us: ..."I married a wonderful woman named Elizabeth ... we met on the Internet ... Over the years I have done many things, video technician, computer technician, network design, web design and many other technical jobs ... (today) I am an IT Manager for a computer hardware manufacturer ... Chris (his opponent) was a very good player and I remember being quite nervous ... I have many wonderful memories of that time (his time on Starcade!) ... and I would jump at the chance to do it again."

We're working on it!
HANK'S OPPONENT: Chris Armond has not checked in.

50 secounds

2,700 Hank

12,300 Chris Armond

50 secounds

4,760 Hank

6,140 Chris Armond

40 secounds
M.A.C.H. 3

9,800 Hank

11,200 Chris Armond

all games played

17,260 Hank Hartgraves

29,640 Chris Armond-OVERALL WINNER!