• Emily Headen
    SHOW #64
    taped: 7/19/1983
Emily was 13 when she appeared on Starcade! episode #64. According to Emily's sister Kate, "It is actually an interesting story how she ended up on the show: My dad was finishing up his doctorate at the San Fransisco Theological Seminary, and so the whole family packed up and moved to Marin County for the summer (from Omaha Nebraska). One of the kids of one of the other students signed up to be on the show, and my mom offered to give him a ride, since it would be fun for me and my sisters to watch a TV show getting taped."

"During the taping of one of the shows that day, one of the kids totally freaked out and started hyperventalating and couldn't go on. The producers spied me and my sister in the audience and whisked us backstage for a quick 'play-off' to see who would be standing in on the show! I picked Crystal Castles (my favorite!) and it was a very close game. In the end, the producers decided Emily should go since she was older (She was 13 and I was 11: NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor me)."

Emily's sister continues, "Anyway, my big thrill for the summer that year was that I got to be one of the people at the end who run up to congratulate the winner (alas, not Emily who didn't win ANYTHING not even any of the toss-up questions) So my butt was on the show. By the way, my butt didn't win anything either ; )"

That would be Emily's sister in the picture to the left .. she's the one on the right. This picture was taken in 1977 - 6 years before the sisters Starcade experience. And Kate is right, Emily didn't win much but she was a great contestant just the same.

According to Emily's sister, "Today (2006) Emily is a very talented artist (painter) living and working in Oregon. She is married to a Master Beer Brewer, which, "is really cool at family reunions, weddings, picnics, etc. She pretends to be embarrassed about being on the show, but I think it has more to do with her feathered hair and the fact that she LOST, than the actual SHOW, which I still enjoy watching in reruns."

Thank you, Kate, for giving us update on Emily and sharing your experience. We really enjoyed hearing from you and your giving us a glimpse of what it like on the other side...
EMILY'S OPPONENT: David Litwin has checked in. Click here! to see his page.

50 secounds

3,600 Emily

4,600 David Litwin

50 secounds

620 Emily

490 David Litwin

40 secounds

570 Emily

3,150 David Litwin

all games played

4,790 Emily Headen

8,600 David Litwin-Overall Winner!