• Giles Heppert
    SHOW #105
    taped: 12/11/1983
In 1983 Giles was 18 and already in the family business ... following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather ... in the printing industry. His STARCADE! show was taped in December, just a few months after he graduated from high school. His big complaint was that while he was in high school he could watch STARCADE! every afternoon but now that he had a full-time job, he was working when it was on. He asked if we could move the air time to an hour later so he'd be able to watch.

While it was a good idea, we, of course, didn't make those decisions ... the station airng the show did. Instead, we offered him a chance to be a contestant and that seemed good enough.

His Mom said, "I understand my son Giles has his initials on every game at the ... game room at the Russian River resort area where we spend our family vacation every summer." It was definitely an accomplishment Giles was proud to claim. According to Giles, it was his Mom who started it all when she bought him a table-top Pac Man. Not a bad gift, Mom.

Giles was the youngest of seven children and his favorite hobby (aside from playing video games) was collecting hats. When he was on STARCADE!, he told us he had 40 hats in his collection. No, he didn't bring any of his hats to the STARCADE! set.

At the time, Giles was coaching a women's softball team and playing on a men's softball team ... and commented ... "I love my job." Giles was a good player but ran into some bad luck and was trounced by his opponent Mike Grgich. Giles did choose the Mystery game and win a prize AND we added a few Activision Game cartridges as parting gifts.

In 2002 when he checked in, Giles told us ... "Since the show, I have followed in my father's trade which is the printing industry. I work for a large commercial printer and run a 10-color press. I am married for 6 years and we now have our first child, (daughter), who is 10 months old."

Sounds like the perfect life!
GILE'S OPPONENT: Mike Grgich has not checked in.

50 secounds

11,650 Giles

5,950 Mike Grgich

50 secounds

4,320 Giles

3,600 Mike Grgich

40 secounds

30,000 Giles

45,000 Mike Grgich

all games played

45,970 Giles Heppert

54,550 Mike Grgich-Overall Winner!