These guys were a team ... Dusty & Boot, 6 and 7 year old brothers ... they could have been twins. What a couple of cute kids ... we remember them with great fondness. Their opponents were equally cute, Gianna & Cayo Carina. Geoff Edwards, Starcade! host, names this as one of his most memorable shows. We agree.

Dusty at 6 was the youngest and as it turns out, the youngest contestant on STARCADE! In his bio, he told us: "I like swimming ... like learning to read" (he was in the 1st Grade). He described his game playing skills as: "Good! Like Pac Man, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr."

Dusty's bio said, "My favorite color is red. I like drawing people and playing. My favorite food is candy and cake. And I like to eat bananas in the morning ...My favorite movie is Time Bandits and E.T. ... My favorite day is Saturday because of lots of cartoons and specials on TV."

Boot was 7, a 2nd grader. He liked, "swimming, drawing and He-Man" (cartoon character). He described his game playing skills as, "Good! Like all hawlk games" (maybe he means Hulk games) and Penquin and BakerTime" ... must mean Pengo and BurgerTime. ... "My favorite color is orange ... I almost know how to read and my favorite type of book are pop-up books ...I like to swim (with my life jacket). My favorite movie[ is Star Wars ... I want to see the new movie War Games. ... I hope I win so I can put the video game in my bedroom and play it all day long."

Dusty checked in to tell us," brother and I are great. Running a multimedia company ... releasing CDs and DVDs ... thanks for staying true to the vidiot in all of us!"

Thank you, Dusty & Boot, for the great memories.
DUSTY & BOOT'S OPPONENT: Gianna & Cayo Carina have checked in. Click here to see their page.

50 secounds

1,150 Boot

2,650 Gianna Carini

50 secounds

13,700 Boot

10,942 Cayo Carini

40 secounds

2,880 Dusty

7,670 Cayo Carini

all games played

17,730 Dusty & Boot Hughston

21,262 Gianna & Cayo Carini - OVERALL WINNER!