• Steve Isaacs
    SHOW #75
    taped: 7/14/1983
Steve Isaacs appeared on STARCADE! show #75 taped in July 1983. He was 14 at the time. He played a good game but fell just short of beating his opponent Robbie Nobori.

Steve's favorite game was Sinistar and as luck would have it, Sinistar was the Grand Prize on his show. In 2001 Steve checked in and told us, "I never quite got over the disappointment of not winning a Sinistar machine."

Steve wanted to be on STARCADE! because "I like the idea of mixing video games, TV and competing. I also like all the new games and to how a TV show works. And, of course, winning an arcade game. And it's just a great show."

According to Steve, he "found out about STARCADE! on Entertainment Tonight and I have been watching it ever since." Entertainment Tonight did a story on STARCADE! when it first went on the air.

Steve's ambition was, "to direct movies and write scripts and be like Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg." 

Well, he didn't become another Disney or Spielberg BUT he did make it in show business ... When he checked in Steve told us, "I became an MTV VJ, played 'Tommy' in 'The Who's Tommy' Broadway Touring Company and played in a band called 'Skycycle' (named after the game TRON, you think) on MCA Records. Currently, I am a Flash web designer who specializes in movie sites - I did the 'Hannibal' site and 'The Majectic' site."

Who says dreams don't come true. They do for Starcaders!
STEVE'S OPPONENT: Robbie Nobori has checked in. Click here! to see his page.

50 secounds

3,720 Steve

3,900 Robbie Nobori

50 secounds

6,000 Steve

6,400 Robbie Nobori

40 secounds

1,150 Steve

1,500 Robbie Nobori

all games played

10,870 Steve Isaacs

11,800 Robbie Nobori-Overall Winner!

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