Pete & Paul Karmouche were a father/son team competing against another father/son team, the Olenczuk's. Luck was not with them that July day with the Olenczuk's winning every competition AND the Grand Prize game Moon Patrol. But it was all in fun and the Karmouche's did leave with some of Starcade's 'lovely parting gifts!'

Paul was 14 when he appeared on Starcade! with his Dad. Pole Position was his favorite game and he liked to "play his Atari 2600 in his spare time". (Paul tells us he still has his Atari 2600 and still plays it 'once in a while.' He and his Dad planned to take a motorcycle ride from California to Oshkosh, Wisconsin the summer of '83.

When Starcade! was taped, Peter (Dad) had a commercial pilot's license and Paul was helping him build his own plane in their garage. Paul inherited his Dad's love of aviation, and tells us that he (Paul) got his pilot's license at 16.

Peter & Paul went into the aviation business together in the early '90s and Paul tells us he has, "'flown (meaning he was the pilot) coast-to-coast in three different airplanes, a very small (and s l o w) single engine, a twin, and a 'high and fast' turbine twin ... hee hee. Once I got to try my hand flying the Goodyear blimp, but that's another story."

Paul says (in 2002), "I can remember getting the postcard to 'try out' for Starade. What a treat! Apparently they (the Starcade Producers) found my father and I interesting enough to have on a show - too bad I bombed so badly ... oh the pressure :)"

Great to hear from you Paul!
PETER & PAUL'S OPPONENTS: Marc & Mike Olenczuk have not checked in.

50 secounds

1,000 Paul

3,200 Marc Olenczuk

50 secounds

1,650 Peter

1,750 Mike Olenczuk

40 secounds

780 Paul

1,810 Marc Olenczuk

all games played

3,430 Peter & Paul Karmouche

6,760 Marc & Mike Olenczuk-OVERALL WINNER!