• Cathy Mostasisa
    SHOW #51
    taped: 7/20/1983
Cathy was 12 and about to be in the 8th grade in the Summer of '83 when she appeared on Starcade! She attended Our Lady of the Visitacion School - she was the President of her school. In her short bio, she told us her favorite sport was Bowling - she liked to go to the bowling alley at least once a week. According to Cathy, "I'm planning to be a D.J. just for something that would keep me busy - that is, if my mother says yes to the idea."

She continued ... "I like to play video games ... though I'm not very good at these games I still enjoy them. My favorite games are Q*Bert, Popeye and Centipede. The farthest I've gotten on Q*Bert is level two; Popeye, I've only gotten past the first screen, and Centipede, I've gotten 82,000 .. you'd probably consider me 'fair'."

In September 2021 Cathy was checked in by her husband Kevin ... to tell us Cathy is ... "doing good. We’re still in the Bay Area. Both our parents still live in the City (San Francisco)." We asked Cathy if she still had the Mister Disc, she said, "the Mister Disc is probably still somewhere in my parents house!" Find that Mister Disc, it's definitely a classic!

Cathy did not win a lot but she had a great winning personality! Thank you, Cathy, for being a part of the magic of Starcade!
CATHY'S OPPONENT: Ken Law has not checked in.

50 secounds

2,875 Cathy

4,250 Ken Law

50 secounds

1,760 Cathy

2,990 Ken Law

40 secounds

9,825 Cathy

10,135 Ken Law

all games played

14,460 Cathy Mostasisa

17,375 Ken Law-Overall Winner!