Vic & Kahn were a father/son team from Chalmette, Louisiana, and they showed some true Southern hospitality, showing up at the taping with a King cake, a New Orleans Mardi Gras tradition. Show #106, was taped in San Francisco when Khan was 11 years old.

Vic & Kahn did not win the overall competition but they did win the first two rounds and played the Name the Game board and got three out of 4 right.

Reason Kahn wanted to be on STARCADE!: "To meet Geoff Edwards and Kevin and have fun and win a prize." In the mini-autobiography we asked Kahn to write, he said, "My chances of being here were a million to one. But I gave it my best shot and prayed a lot. I know there are millions of other kids that would like to be here. So I am going to play my very best for them and me. Let's play STARCADE!"

Several months after his show was taped, Kahn wrote: "I can honestly say that being on STARCADE! was one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. And I think even when I grow up I will feel the same way."

And today (2000) (all grown up) he does indeed feel the same way ... Kahn checked in first, then his Dad ... and then they both came to STARCADE! headquarters to say "hi." They are still genuine Starcaders ... and it was fun to see them again and share our STARCADE! memories and memorabilia with them. We talked to Khan in 2019 on Facebook about doing reunion shows, he says he's ready when we are. We like that attitude!
VIC & KAHN'S OPPONENT: Louise & Sean Gallagher have not checked in.

50 secounds

2,950 Vic

475 Louise Gallagher

50 secounds

8,500 Kahn

8,500 Sean Gallagher

40 secounds

12,610 Kahn

18,740 Sean Gallagher

all games played

24,060 Vic & Kahn Ordonez

27,715 Louise & Sean Gallagher-OVERALL WINNER!