• Sheri Pallas
    SHOW #10
    taped: 12/5/1982
Cute little Sheri was 12 and in the 7th grade when she appeared on Starcade! playing against a San Francisco SWAT cop, Don Woolard.  It was a close match with Sheri ahead after two games but the last game was Robotron and that game was Sheri's downfall with Woolard outscoring her by a mere 1,700 points.

In her Tryout application Sheri said she wanted, 'to be on tv and a chance to try the newest video games' and that she had 'a bright and bubbly personality' ... which she did. Her ambition was to be a professional model.

Today (2002) Sheri works in the Corporate Division of a major computer retailer in Computer Training. And she is still as cute as ever. According to Sheri, "It was truly a joy being on Starcade!. It was my 15 minutes of fame and the subject of many stories including a few 'most embarrassing moments' (Sheri was a Cheerleader and did a demonstration for us on the show.) ... I can remember it like it was yesterday. ... It was so funny to watch the show again (we sent Sheri a copy of her show.). I could see on my face the complete anger as I lost. You could see I was trying to cover it up, but it looks like I am wanting to claw my opponents eyes out as he went on to win (Woolard won the video arcade game that day). I kicked myself for many years for losing."

"Always with a smile on my face, do I think of my attendance on Starcade! If you ever have a reunion show or start something up again, look me up!" You can count on it, Sheri.
SHERI'S OPPONENT: Don Woolard has checked in. Click here to see his page.

50 secounds

960 Sheri

868 Don Woolard

40 secounds

600 Sheri

650 Don Woolard

30 secounds

6,100 Sheri

7,900 Don Woolard

all games played

7,660 Sheri Pallas

9,418 Don Woolard-OVERALL WINNER!