• Cindy Porter
    SHOW #6
    taped: 12/11/1983
Cindy was 24 when she appeared on her Starcade! show. Our note on her audition form rated her as a 9.0 and said, "very vivacious, very animated even when not doing well in the games, one of the better ones I met." High praise indeed - needlesstosay, she made the cut and became a contestant on one of our first shows -- #6 In the Mark Richards series.

She described herself "I am married to a wonderful husband. We have been married for a little over a year now (this was December 1982) and are expecting our first child in April ... now in my condition my newest hobby is getting ready for our new arrival. I think I like that one the best."

In 2012 Cindy checked in and told us, "the child (a daughter) I was expecting at the time is going to be 29 years old and just got engaged.  She has two siblings, a brother and a sister.  As for me, I have an ex husband, great career and good life.  I have spoken many many times of my experience on Starcade ... I decided to Google Starcade and to my surprise, the site popped up.  If you could have only witnessed my excitement.  Best part was that I was featured in the news clip so my kids got to see a glimpse of me on the show. Thanks again for bringing a bit of my past to the present."

Cindy held her own against her opponent Stu Ganz -- with a little over 1,000 points separating them on the first 2 high scoring games they played - Millipede and Buck Rogers. The last game they played was Donkey Kong Jr, a low scoring game. Cindy buzzed in to answer the question, "Which video game came first? A. Pac Man or B. Space Invaders. She answered "Pac Man" ... that was the wrong answer -- it was Space Invaders. Stu got the right to choose which game they would play next. He chose Donkey Kong Jr which was the Mystery Game and had 500 bonus points attached to it. If only Cindy had answered the question correctly and she had chosen Donkey Kong Jr -- it would have been Cindy 10,488 vs Stu 10,852. Still not a win for Cindy but close!

Ohhhh the things that might have been...
CINDY'S OPPONENT: Stu Ganz has checked in. Click here to see his page.

40 secounds

7,323 Cindy

8,410 Stu Ganz

40 secounds

11,865 Cindy

2,042 Stu Ganz

30 secounds

800 Cindy

900 Stu Ganz

all games played

9,988 Cindy Porter

11,352 Stu Ganz-OVERALL WINNER!