• Mike Rocha
    SHOW #41
    taped: 7/14/1983
Mike was 11 in 1983 when he appeared on Starcade! episode#41. While he didn't win many prizes, he did play a pretty good game ... losing the overall competition by just 2,460. Mike remembers "losing badly" but we think that 2,460 points is not much at all given the fact that it could easily be made up with a little luck. He beat the score of his opponent on Krull and that's a pretty hard game to play.

When he auditioned, Mike told us, "I know a lot about Star Wars ... Centipede, Joust, Donkey Kong Jr, Pole Position - I get high scores on all the games ... I like to swim, ride my bike and play video games. I like games like Front Line, Joust and BurgerTime ... Every Monday at 2:35(pm) I watch your show."

In 2005 when he checked in, Mike said, "After watching the show, I bugged my parents enough until my mom decided to take me to the studios in San Francisco. She brought my sister so that they could go do stuff in the city while I did my tryout. (During tryouts) I remember them getting a bunch of people in the same room, asked them some questions about video games and let us all play multiple games and record our scores. A few weeks later, I got a callback. As for the actual show, I do not remember much. I remember answering a question about the Spiral Deathtrap in Qix, but nothing about the games that I played; other than the fact that I lost. Badly. But I do remember the host ... I got some parting gifts that were extrodinarily forgettable :) I then forgot all about this until I found this website."

"As for life now, well, all things change. I graduated from school, spent a few years here and there, and now, at the ripe old age of 34, I'm married. No kids yet. I live in Atlanta where I have a job as an IPTV engineer with the CDC. I still love video games and have found myself craving the classics lately (I found this site by doing a Google search for Elevator Action) ... no matter how old I get, I guess I never really grew up completely. After reading through this site, I saw where you guys were trying to get a campain going where (someone) might pick a newer version of this show or do a retro thing where old contestants come back. I might be up for that. Thanks for getting me to dig thru the fertile stable floor of my mind. Maybe I can still find my old TI-99/4A...hmmmmmmmm"

Hey there, Mike ... you're definitely on the list of potential contestants for the return of Starcade!
MIKE'S OPPONENT: John Payer has checked in. Click here to see his page.

50 secounds

4,900 Mike

5,500 John Payer

50 secounds

5,900 Mike

8,500 John Payer

40 secounds

9,120 Mike

8,380 John Payer

all games played

19,920 Mike Rocha

22,380 John Payer-OVERALL WINNER!