Elaine was on one of the first STARCADE! shows...the second one we taped with Host Mark Richards in December 1982.  Elaine's show aired as show #5. Elaine played against Duru Ahanotu, a teen, who won, but not by much.  When she checked in (2002) Elaine said of Duru, "I played against a teenager named Duru who is probably a rocket scientist by now."  Actually Duru is not a rocket scientist but he does have a PhD in Engineering ... pretty good guess, Elaine.

During Tryouts, Elaine told us, "I haven't won big at the horse races, haven't won Reader's Digest or Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes ... I'm giving STARCADE! a chance!"

Elaine didn't win big on STARCADE! but she did OK, taking home a TI99/4 Computer & Monitor for naming 4 games out of 4 right on the Name the Game Quiz.

Elaine was a Technical Recruiter by profession but her love was comedy, "I'm a serious comedy writer  ... I do imitations of Lily Tomlin characters - Edith Ann, Ernestine and Judith Beasley." During the taping of her STARCADE! show, Elaine did her Ernestine (Telephone Operator) impression. Ironically, Elaine worked for one of the biggest telephone companies in the US later in the '80's. Maybe her Ernestine impression got her the gig OR her STARCADE! impression of Ernestine.

Elaine had (and we're sure still has) a great sense of humor.
ELAINE OPPONENT: Duru Ahanotu has checked in. Check out his page here.

40 secounds

730 Elaine

1,570 Duru Ahanotu

40 secounds

7,320 Elaine

8,420 Duru Ahanotu

30 secounds

290 Elaine

260 Duru Ahanotu

all games played

8,340 Elaine Samson

10,250 Duru Ahanotu-OVERALL WINNER!