• Lisa Scott
    SHOW #91
    taped: 7/22/1983
Lisa was 21, working as a Forms Control Clerk for State Farm Insurance Company when she tried out for Starcade! On the day of her audition, she brought along her 13-year old niece, Allison Chaney. Both became contestants, but on different shows.

Lisa started out strong, taking her opponent on Moon Patrol but she was down 2,000 points after the second game and she was not able to make it up on the low-scoring 3rd game, Berzerk.

Lisa wanted to be on Starcade! because "I like playing video games and I've always wanted to be on a game show." She came to auditions because of her niece who saw a 'call for contestants' on a Starcade! show.

On her tryout paperwork, Lisa told us, "I enjoy sports and I have a wide range of talents. I enjoy doing many things and I have good sense of humor." We agree she had a great sense of humor ...

In 2004 Allison Chaney, Lisa's niece who was also a Starcade! contestant, checked in for Lisa, saying "Lisa went on to go to College (after Starcade!), got married and has 2 children. She lives in Northern California with her family and is a District Manager of a major insurance company."

Lisa was not a big winner on Starcade! BUT she did choose the Mystery Game, Berzerk, and won a Mr. Disc record player, a prize that today has become a collector's item. If you've still have it Lisa, there are lots of Starcaders who envy you, us included.
LISA'S OPPONENT: Eddie Sonnenblick has checked in. Click here to see his page.

50 secounds

1,950 Lisa

1,700 Eddie Sonnenblick

50 secounds

1,740 Lisa

2,730 Eddie Sonnenblick

50 secounds

550 Lisa

980 Eddie Sonnenblick

all games played

4,240 Lisa Scott

5,410 Eddie Sonnenblick-Overall Winner!