Show #115 was taped when Scott was 16  years old and in the 11th grade. Scott played against his best friend, Mark Cronin. As a matter of fact, it was Scott who told Mark about the tryouts and they showed up together to tryout.  Mark beat Scott by just 20 points, the closest game ever on STARCADE!

Reason he wanted to be on STARCADE!: "Because it would be fun to compete against another person and play the games."

Scott's plans for the future included, "to go to college and major in either Electronics or Business. But my real dream in life is to become a professional soccer player. ... Some of my hobbies are playing the guitar, going to the movies and girls."

When he checked in in 2000, Scott told us, "I remember having a great time on the show. In fact I do remember being edged out by my best friend Mark Cronin. He won the grand prize that day and I think it was a computer ... I know I couldn't get much out of my mouth during the taping of the show. I was so nervous all I could do was giggle. It was a little embarrassing, but I still had a blast."

Thanks, Scott. You and Mark made for one of our most exciting shows.

What happened to Scott after STARCADE? In 2000 Scott told us, "During my freshman year at college I did try out for the San Jose Earthquakes soccer team and made their first string reserve team, but I decided to play on the college team and join them after I graduated. Well, by the time I graduated the League had folded and I messed up my ankle. So much for the professional Soccer career. I graduated from San Jose State with a Degree in Theatre Arts and Business. Today I've just left a nice corporate job in electronics to fulfill a family dream. We've just opened up a new restaurant called "The Chi-Dog" pronounced "Shy-Dog". It's a Chicago Style Hot Dog and Sandwich shop in Santa Clara (California). Wish us luck."

Good to hear you are pursuing your dreams!
SCOTT SINAGRA'S OPPONENT: Mark Cronin has checked in. Click here to see his page.

50 secounds

4,120 Scott

3,000 Mark Cronin

50 secounds

800 Scott

900 Mark Cronin

40 secounds

700 Scott

1,740 Mark Cronin

all games

5,620 Scott Sinagra

5,640 Mark Cronin OVERALL WINNER!