• David Stern
    SHOW #94
    taped: 12/12/1983
David was 13 years old and in the 7th grade in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho when he appeared on Starcade - he was in 8th grade math. Some of favorite hobbies were: "doing magic, reading (mostly science fiction) writing short adventure and science fiction stories, and using my computer. I always try to keep up with new video games as they come out. Some of my favorite games are: Time Pilot-high score 101,000,Star Trek-high score 96,000 and Galaga-high score 60,000." He was smart and game savy - we decided he would make a good match for Spencer Pon for a very special show we had in mind -- a Pole Position II special that would feature just Pole Position II and a new game from Atari called TX-1, a 3-monitor driving game in an enclosed cabinet, that would be used for the Grand Prize play. There weren't many of the TX-1 games around (I think it only existed in prototype) -- but our friends at Atari agreed to loan us one for the show.

The score was close with David taking the lead by 270 points in the first play of the Fuji Track - he also won the Mystery prize for selecting the 'Mystery Track' - a Bionic Chair. But Spencer Pon outscored David by 390 points in game 2 and David never managed to catchup. The show ended with Spencer Pon ahead by 1,280 points - not much in the high scoring Pole Position II game.

In 2011 when he checked in, David told us, "I don't still have any of my consolation prizes, but I do remember keeping them for a long time.  I think I also won a chair that rocked on the ground.  I actually used that quite a bit ... I will never forget the experience of being on Starcade ... Brings back a lot of memories :=)"

We will never forget you either, David! Thanks for the memories...
DAVID'S OPPONENT: Spencer Pon has checked in. Click here to see his page.

50 secounds

Fuji Track

10,590 David

10,320 Spencer Pon

40 secounds

Test Track

10,400 David

10,790 Spencer Pon

30 secounds

Seaside Track

7,070 David

8,230 Spencer Pon

all games played

28,060 David Stern

29,340 Spencer Pon-Overall Winner!