• Mike Turbes
    SHOW #54
    taped: 7/15/1983
Mike was attending college when he appeared on his STARCADE! show. His goal was to win a computer. In college, Mike said he was, "studying accounting ... and hope to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). I like all sports and I also like to work on cars as a hobbie." 

Mike described his game skills as "fair to good, depending on the game." In his bio, he said, "My favorite games are Robotron (high score ten million) and BagMan (high score 200,000)." His Robotron score was better than 'fair' and had earned him the title "Mr. Robo" at the arcade where he played the game.

He didn't win but he gave it a good try ... it was very close. He took the first game Sinistar and the third Star Trek. However, Mike's opponent took the second Game Krull with enough points to wipe out Mike's lead, beating him by just a few hundred points. Tough for Mike but a great competition between two very good players.

In 2003 and again in 2006 Mike checked asking for a copy of his show but he did not give us an address where to send it, either time -- he did say (in 2006) that "My children would crack up BIG TIME!!"
MIKE'S OPPONENT: Carlos Matos has checked in. Click here! to see his page.

50 secounds

6,860 Mike

5,610 Carlos Matos

50 secounds

7,350 Mike

9,100 Carlos Matos

40 secounds

9,975 Mike

9,825 Carlos Matos

all games played

24,185 Mike Turbes

24,535 Carlos Matos-Overall Winner!