• Korey & Kerry Washington
    SHOW #47
    taped: 6/1/1983
Korey & Kerry Washington appeared on a twin show. Their opponents were the very energetic twins, Amy & Julie Levinson. These girls did not stop for a moment. Korey & Kerry may have been distracted by the girls' high energy -- scoring less than the girls on every game they played.

Korey arrived at tryouts with a typed bio, Kerry with a handwritten one with every mention of STARCADE fully illustrated. It was very impressive. They completed only one official Tryout form - Korey completed it for the both of them. In case you're confused about which is which, as I am, Korey is in the dark red shirt - that makes Kerry in bright red shirt.

The Tryout form said, "I think the most interesting about me is that I love to be in the spotlight and to 'sell' myself to people in terms of personality." We can assume Korey wrote that since Korey completed the Tryout form. He went on to say, "My game playing ability is about 5% above average on most games." He (Korey) elaborated on his typed bio, "... At the present time, I have no world records, but I hope to get one soon on **STARCADE**!!!" Kerry's handwritten bio said, "I first saw STARCADE on a Monday after my friends told me about it ... I must admit that I was rather pessimistic when my brother wrote a letter to STARCADE but to my surprise we both made it and I'm glad to be here."

In October 2009 we received an email from Kerry saying, "Hi Starcade, Please check us in! --Kerry" with the two photos seen below attached. Korey was cc'd.

Maybe it's the names - Korey & Kerry - that's confusing! Anyway, you have to admit that the Washington twins were unique Starcaders!
KOREY & KERRY'S OPPONENTS: Amy & Julie Levinson have not checked in.

50 secounds

5,400 Kerry

9,200 Amy Levinson

50 secounds

1,070 Korey

2,121 Julie Levinson

40 secounds

1,900 Kerry

2,260 Julie Levinson

all games played

8,460 Korey & Kerry Washington

13,581 Amy & Julie Levinson -Overall Winner!