• Vickie & Roger Wheat
    SHOW #113
    taped: 12/7/1983
Vickie & Roger Wheat were living in Fairfield, California when they appeared on Starcade as a team. Fairfield is a stone's throw from San Francisco where we were taping. Vickie brought a stuffed Pac Man doll as their good luck charm. It worked on the first game they played, Dig Dug. They were ahead by 70 points at the end of that game. It did not work on the second game they played - Bubbles. They scored 16,100 points to their opponent's 19,100 points.

Roger and Vickie decided the lucky charm was actually bad luck so Roger threw it away right before he played Q*Bert. It turned out to be a good decision - Roger played Q*Bert and beat the score of their opponents by 950 points but it was too little, too late to make up the 2,930 points they were already behind. Roger & Vickie lost to the Blacks - 21,940 to 23,920! Only 1,980 points! Roger and Vickie beat their opponents on 2 of the 3 games they played. It was Bubbles that was their downfall ... oh well, 2 out of 3 is not too bad -- that's the way it goes on some days.

On her short bio Vickie said, "We have two children, a daughter 4 years who already likes video games, and a son 1 1/2 years old." Both Vickie & Roger liked to play video games - both agreed 'Starcade is a fun show'.

Vickie & Roger Wheat were the only husband/wife team Starcade ever had - they played well together just like a husband & wife should!
VICKIE & ROGER'S OPPONENTS: Ken & Wes Black have not checked in.

50 secounds

3,090 Roger

3,020 Ken Black

50 secounds

16,100 Vickie

19,100 Ken Black

40 secounds

2,750 Roger

1,800 Wes Black

all games played

21,940 Vickie & Roger Wheat

23,920 Ken & Wes Black-OVERALL WINNER!