• Jerome Wysinger
    SHOW #37
    taped: 7/14/1983
Jerome was 25 years old and a native San Franciscan. He was a coach to at-risk kids in San Francisco - boys and girls ... he was an upbeat, fun-loving guy which added to the sparkle of this show. You had the petite, sweet girl against the big, bear-like guy -- pefect for a Starcade match to remember ... add to that, to celebrate her beating him, he picked her up to give her a big bear-like hug! It was a Starcade moment to remember - one that prompted Host Geoff Edwards to say, "Lori, you're about three inches taller now". When Geoff reached for Jerome's hand to shake it, Jerome started moving around his podium toward him which prompted Geoff to say, laughing, "don't pick me up". It was truly a magical moment!

Jerome "first got into coaching with the San Francisco Boys Club Portola Branch. I enjoy coaching kids because I see some of me in some of the kids ... I like video games. My favorite is Ms Pac Man ... I could play it all day and night." He thought his game playing ability was "very good" and he wanted to be a contestant on Starcade because, "I would like to see how good I am".

In December 2009 we received an email from Jerome's son Clifford that said, "Iím checking in for Jerome Wysinger ... He recently passed away on December 13, 2009 ... Jerome had 3 more children besides me (Marquita, Michquinell, and Hydeia). He worked for the San Francisco Boys and Girls Club from 1990 until 2002 as Athletic Director and also as Branch Manager. He later went on to become an Assistant Director for the San Francisco Parks and Recreation. Jerome was very community oriented. He was a mentor to a lot of at-risk youth in San Francisco trying to get them on the right track. He worked with youth up until he became ill. He was a great dad, mentor, and father figure to whomever he came in contact with. He will definitely be missed by not only his family but his extended and adopted family as well."

Starcade is happy to have known Jerome ... he helped make a most memorable Starcade show!
JEROME'S OPPONENT: Lori Graham has checked in. Click here to check out her page.

50 secounds

2,914 Jerome

7,438 Lori Graham

50 secounds

10,040 Jerome

9,400 Lori Graham

40 secounds

1,200 Jerome

3,000 Lori Graham

all games played

14,154 Jerome Wysinger

19,838 Lori Graham-Overall Winner!