Show #101 was a Team Show: Damon partnered with his Mom Vicky against the Mother-Son Team of Brenda Barton & Arnie Hill. Damon was 13 years old when the show was taped. Reason he wanted to be on STARCADE!: "I love the show and I would be the envy of all my friends at school."

It was neck and neck with the two teams scoring pretty much the same thing on the first 2 games, then they played Star Wars - Damon scored 21,198, almost twice his opponent's score. Game on! Damon & Vicky prizes included the Bionic Chair, Spectravideo Computer, and a collection of jewelry (which Damon tells us he sold to buy a Dragon's Lair video arcade game).

Damon went into business with another STARCADE! contestant Stephen Beall. They owned a company they called 'Blast From the Past', reconditioning and selling the classic video arcade games they played on STARCADE! Reversing the process, they brought us (meaning JM) a GYRUSS video arcade game delivering it to the STARCADE! office.

In 2016 Damon sent the photo you see on this page along with a note that said, "Came across this photo from the late 90s or early 00s taken during our mini Starcade Contestant reunion at your place in SF. We ramped things up a bit with a surprise GYRUSS game for James. Time goes far too fast but I'm so thankful for that photo albeit small in resolution ... it's a reminder of how fun that night was talking with you both. I'm sure you’ve heard it before and I’m going to say it again… Thank you for creating such a wonderful television program, for pitching it to the networks and realizing your dreams… you certainly fulfilled mine and I'm certain many many others who were fortunate enough to grow up in the 80s."

Thank you, Damon for the game (we still have it in 2021) and the nice words.

Damon's Starcade memory: In January 1984, Damon wrote: "I really enjoyed being on your show. I especially liked playing the games without having to put in a quarter each time I played. I'm happy I found out what Kevin (the Voice Over Announcer) really looks like...thank you for making my dreams come true."
When he checked in with us in 1999, Damon wrote: "Thank you so much for your creativity, drive and vision with Starcade! You've made so many happy memories for countless arcade video game fans, especially those who passed the first audition."

Damon & Vicky were clear winners against their competition and played for the Grand Prize -- a MR DO video arcade game.

In June 2011, we received the following from Damon, "How the heck are you? It's been a few years so I thought I'd drop in to see how you both are doing. As for me, I'm still living in Ventura, culled down my arcade collection from 60 to around 16 so it's a bit more manageable. My gameroom has gone through a lot of changes over the past year and it now houses my edit suite where I do remote editorial for clients in Los Angeles. It's nice not to have to drive anywhere, saves me a bit of $$ in addition to stress from traffic. Right now I'm cutting behind the scenes DVD special features for Warner Bros, and DC Comics."

Damon has made the BIG TIME in showbiz - Congratulations Damon!
DAMON & VICKY'S OPPONENTS: Arnie Hill & Brenda Barton have checked in. Click here to see their page.

50 secounds

12,800 Damon

12,600 Arnie Hill

50 secounds

700 Vicky

650 Brenda Barton

40 secounds

21,198 Damon

12,695 Arnie Hill

all games played

34,698 -Damon & Vicky Claussen-OVERALL WINNER!

25,945 Arnie Hill & Brenda Barton


30 secounds


SCORED: 3,050

PLAYING FOR: MR DO video arcade game