• Jared Cruce
    SHOW #34
    taped: 7/20/1983
Jared was a good player but he got behind 6,950 points on the very first game Star Trek - which he chose. He was not able to make it up, scoring a few hundred less than his opponent on the second game Stargate and few hundred more on the last game Galaxian. Except for the one game, they were in a virtual tie. It's always that one game that makes the difference between two great players.

Jared was an accomplished hockey player at the age of 12. He "played ice hockey for the Berkeley Minor Hockey Club for the past four years ... traveled all over California, Nevada and British Columbia ... awarded several team trophies." Jared wrote a letter to Starcade! In his letter he said, "I would like very much to be a game participant ... my friend, Jarpon, says you won't select me. I sure hope he's wrong." So, of course, we HAD to select him ... just to show his friend!

In 2004 Jared checked in to tell us he's living in Oregon and working as a photographer. I wonder if he still has the Quarters that were given to him by Host Geoff Edwards. We have
evidence as you can see in the first picture on this page. Jared, do you still have the Quarters or did you put them in an video game? Either way is cool!
JARED'S OPPONENT: Mike Russo has checked in. Click here to see his page.

50 secounds

8,475 Jared

15,425 Mike Russo

50 secounds

6,550 Jared

6,950 Mike Russo

40 secounds

2,430 Jared

2,160 Mike Russo

all games played

17,455 Jared Cruce

24,535 Mike Russo-Overall Winner!