• Andrew Pink
    SHOW #126
    taped: 12/5/1983
Andrew was 19 when his show #126 was taped. He was attending Jr. College and majoring in accounting. He had just left a job as "petroleum transfer purveyor" (gas station attendant?) and had started as a "purveyor of exquisite cuisine" (fast food checker?) at the local fast food restaurant. He collected coins and enjoyed music. (And he was obviously, very creative.)

Reason he wanted to be on STARCADE!: "I have seen it on TV and think it would be nice to be on the show. Today Andrew owns his own Process Serving business. "Whoever thought I would be doing this kind of work now! When I received your postcard, I really did not give it a second look, and almost threw it away. When I took a second look, it sure brought back memories. When I took a closer look, I found my friend on the front of the postcard."
Producer's Note: In June 2000 we sent STARCADE! postcards to some on our mailing list as part of the launch of this website!
Andrew did not win 'big' but he had lots of fun anyway ... Andrew's STARCADE memory: "It has been so long I can't remember the games I played. My brother thought it would be fun to try out and it ended up being one of my best friends and I winning (a place as a contestant). I remember very well that I did not answer one of the questions correctly ... I recorded the show with this pretty new gadget called a VCR but only to have my friend tape over it so it would be great to see the show again."

You can see it right now in the Episodes area of this website! Relive the magic of Starcade!
ANDREW'S OPPONENT: Frank Yray has checked in. Click here to see his page.

50 secounds

3,500 Andrew

5,000 Frank Yray

50 secounds

3,850 Andrew

4,300 Frank Yray

40 secounds

83,335 Andrew

101,205 Frank Yray

all games played

90,685 Andrew Pink

110,505 Frank Yray-Overall Winner!