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The STARCADE! Pilot featured 24 contestants, all playing at the same time on 24 separate games - 8 Defender games, 8 Pac Man games, 8 Centipede games.

Nolan Bushnell, inventor of 'Pong' and then owner of Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Time Theatre, held auditions in several of his locations. We flew the 24 contestants to San Francisco, put them up in a first-class hotel, added a few sightseeing things, and subjected them to a marathon taping session that proved difficult but not impossible ... given the fact that we didn't know how to quit.

These are the original 24 Starcaders without which there would be no STARCADE! Contestants outlined in green have checked in. Click on their photo to find out where they are today .

 Team #1 - Playing Defender

Joel Anaya Michael Bindel David Dyche Gordon Miller
Starcade! Contestant Jim Switzer
Sondra Schonwasser Jim Switzer Brad Torr Al Torres

 Team #2 - Playing Centipede

Tom Adorno Karina Hallum Kim Hammon Jorge Hicks
Randy Nomura David Paul Jeff Prag Yvette Talley

 Team #3 - Playing Pac Man

Terry Collins Athena Dunn Paul Goydos Todd Hendricks
Don Jacobs Harvey Levinger Lynn Moshier Mark Parish
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