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3 games - 24 players in 3 teams of 8 each

The Games: Defender - Centipede - Pac Man

Rules: 30 second play with the winner from each team competing against each other on Berzerk for the Grand Prize - an Asteroids Deluxe Video Arcade Game AND an Apple II Home Computer System.

Overall Winner also got the opportunity to play the Celebrity player on a brand new game, Donkey Kong - just for fun!

The Scores:

Red Team - Playing Defender

Al Torres 6,825
Sondra Schonwasser 800
Michael Bindel 1,525
David Dyche 20,400
Brad Torr 9.925
Jim Switzer 8,725
Joel Anaya 8,275
Gordon Miller 7,100

Blue Team - Playing Centipede

Jorge Hicks 8,645
Kim Hammon 7,440
David Paul 8,748
Randy Nomura 11,575
Karina Hallum 6.979
Jeff Prag 9,475
Tom Adorno 7,498
Yvette Talley 6,754

Yellow Team - Playing Pac Man

Harvey Levinger 9,040
Mark Parish 9.560
Todd Hendricks 6,270
Lynn Moshier 4,120
Athena Dunn 3.440
Paul Goydos 6,940
Don Jacobs 8,880
Terry Collins 4,730

 Red Team

 Blue Team

 Yellow Team

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